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Education and Type 1 Diabetes – JDRF Virtual Discovery Event: June 2023

Life in education can be a little more challenging when you have type 1 diabetes. This event discusses the challenge of managing type 1 diabetes whilst going through education, as we showcase ideas and lived experiences of how to tackle school and college.

We partnered with DigiBete to deliver the event and to showcase both of our resources in helping the community further manage type 1 during the education settings, such as school and college.

During the session we will discuss:

  • Understanding more about how the education system supports those with type 1
  • Understanding how parents can support their children in education settings
  • What schools provide in the way of support
  • The different technologies and tools available to help you manage type 1

As part of the session, technology companies will present devices that can help manage your type 1 whilst going through the education system. Given how varied technology can be it will be an opportunity for the community to discover what best works for them.

Content of this video

00:00.00 Welcome & introductions

00:04.55 DigiBete’s resources within the education setting

00:16.17 JDRF’s resources within the education setting

00:23.58 Parental experiences of type 1 diabetes in education

00:56.45 Transitioning between schools – how to prepare

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