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Our impact in 2023

When we work together, we can achieve incredible things

Jharna in a field with her continuous glucose monitor

2023 in numbers


Raised for UK research projects from July-June 22/23.


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Registrations for our community events 

A new era for type 1 diabetes

We are in the final year of our ambitious three-year strategy and have made huge strides in our mission towards a world without type 1. We couldn’t have done any of this without the dedication of our supporters. When we work together, we can achieve incredible things.

Goal 1: Drive research to cure, treat and prevent type 1

Researcher in a lab with a microscope

This year marked a transformative shift in type 1 research, driven by our collaborations with researchers, scientists, and partner organisations across the world. Together, we are not just envisioning a better future for those living with type 1; we are making it possible. 

  • In 2022, we launched the £50 million Type 1 Diabetes Grand Challenge in partnership with the Steve Morgan Foundation and Diabetes UK. This year, as part of the Grand Challenge we began exploring the root causes of type 1 and pioneering the development of potentially life-changing new forms of insulin.  
  • We co-funded the ELSA study, to test and identify children aged 3-13 who are at the early stages of developing type 1. So far, the ELSA study has identified early signs of diabetes in children of over 8,000 families.   
  • We awarded a £1.5 million grant to support a UK-wide clinical trial, the SOPHIST trial, that could potentially advance a new life-saving treatment for people with type 1 and heart failure.  
  • A JDRF internationally funded study, known as The PROTECT study, suggested that teplizumab can preserve beta cell function in people newly diagnosed. By slowing the progression of type 1, it enables newly diagnosed individuals to sustain insulin production for longer, significantly easing the management of type 1 and reducing the risk of complications.   

Shared stories

Goal 2: Accelerate access to type 1 technologies and medicines

Woman with continuous glucose monitor

2023 marked a new era for type 1 treatments. With hybrid closed loop technology set to become widely available across England, Wales and Scotland we have made significant developments in providing technology treatments to improve the lives of those living with type 1. 

  • Hybrid closed loop (HCL) technology, is set to be rolled out on the NHS in England and Wales following the publication of landmark NICE guidance. The incredible generosity of our supporters has enabled us to invest £115 million in international research and clinical trials to develop HCL over almost 20 years. 
  • In 2022, we launched the first Type 1 Diabetes Index, a tool that measures the global impact of type 1 in every country around the world. This year, we have used this tool to launch a new programme in India, to improve access to diagnosis and treatments which will improve longevity and quality of life.   
  • Over the last two years, we have provided Secretariat support for the Parliamentary Inquiry into Type 1 and Disordered Eating co-chaired by JDRF’s Global Research Ambassador, the Right Honourable Theresa May MP, and Sir George Howarth MP. The inquiry is the first of its kind to assess the causes and incidence of T1DE, the gaps in research, diagnosis, and clinical practice, and the impact on people living with T1DE. 

Shared stories

Goal 3: Support people living with type 1

This year we continued to connect with people living with type 1 through our in-person and virtual community events. These events focused on topics such as mental health, physical activity, and other important subjects. Throughout 2023, we also continued to provide trusted information and support to people living with type 1.


JDRF staff with child at Discovery Day event


KIDSACs distributed to newly diagnosed young people


Support resources given to people with type 1 and healthcare professionals


Families supported with newly diagnosed resources


Adults supported with newly diagnosed resources


People accessed our schools e-learning module

Fundraising activity and campaigns

None of the research and technology breakthroughs this year would have been possible without the commitment and generosity of you, our supporters. You have enabled us to continue to drive our mission to cure, treat and prevent type 1.


JDRF Celebration with balloons, people jumping, blowing horns, firing confetti cannons


£1 million in donations from our Patrons and members of our Accelerator Programme


Over 3000 participants took part in our fundraising events in 2023


Amount raised at the London Marathon by 190 participants


Amount raised at One Walk by 1,509 participants


Amount raised at Tri for Type 1 by 318 participants


Amount raised for our Christmas Appeal

You make it possible 

Our Accelerator Programme members

  • Dominic Christian and Kate Birch
  • Lincoln Benet
  • Niall Curran and Sue Reid
  • Patrick and Jane Kennedy
  • Rosemary, Gordon and Cameron Fuller
  • The Claringbull Family
  • The Haywood Family
  • The Manktelow Family
  • The Pardoe Family
  • The Right Honourable Theresa May MP
  • The Sethia Family
  • The Wilkinson Family
  • The Zhao Family
  • Wilson Leech


  • Abbott Diabetes Care UK  
  • Advanced Therapeutics UK Ltd 
  • Air Liquid Healthcare Ltd 
  • Clover HR Ltd  
  • Dexcom UK Distribution Ltd  
  • Dextro Energy GmbH 
  • Ford Motor Company Ltd   
  • Hoban Waste Management   
  • Insulet International Ltd  
  • Lansons Ltd 
  • Lilly UK   
  • Medtronic Ltd   
  • Medtrum Ltd  
  • Menarini Diagnostics Ltd 
  • Sanofi UK   
  • The Syncona Foundation   
  • Ypsomed Ltd 


  • Alexander Moncur Trust
  • Beefy’s Charity Foundation
  • First Island Trust
  • Hugh Fraser Foundation
  • Peter John Foord Charitable Trust
  • The Cadogan Charity
  • The Elizabeth & Prince Zaiger Trust
  • The Michael Lewis Foundation
  • The Shanley Foundation
  • The Steve Morgan Foundation
  • The Valiant Charitable Trust
  • TIOC Foundation

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