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The type 1 diabetes community

Connecting with peers who share your type 1 journey brings an instant sense of belonging. It’s like having a circle that speaks your language, celebrating the wins and understanding the tough moments.

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Meet others at a JDRF event

Our free Type 1 Diabetes Discovery events run throughout the year, across the UK and virtually. Hear from leading experts, explore type 1 technology with the tech companies, and meet other people living with type 1.

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Why it’s good to talk

We all know that type 1 comes with its emotional rollercoasters. The wonderful thing about peer support lies in its safe space to share fears, joys, and frustrations. These connections remind you that you’re not alone – there’s a network that’s got your back.

Navigating type 1 requires a mix of experience and expert guidance. While connecting with peers can offer valuable tips, it’s important to remember that everyone’s needs are unique. Before making any changes to your routine, always seek the advice of your healthcare team.

Where to find peer support

We pride ourselves in being part of the type 1 community and we host a number of events through the year where you can meet others with type 1. Social media and digital forums are also great places to meet people who understand type 1.

Join the conversation on Twitter

#GBDoc and #NIDoc

#GBDoc (Great Britain Diabetes Online Community) and #NIDoc (Northern Ireland Diabetes Online Community) are two online communities. Follow the hashtags to get involved in the conversation and connect with other people living with type 1.


Diabetes Chat is an online community and chat space that connects people with type 1 and healthcare professionals.

Every Monday evening at 8pm, you can join a Twitter Space (#diabeteschat will post the link just before the event) to hear news, fun facts and presentations from healthcare professionals and invited speakers.

There’s also the opportunity to connect with other parents of children with type 1 and share your experiences.

Type 1 diabetes Facebook groups

There are active Facebook groups where you can ask questions to other parents and share experiences and news:

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Type 1 Diabetes UK

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Type 1 Diabetes Support Group

Online forums

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An online space for people living with and affected by type 1 and type 2 diabetes from across the world to connect online.

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Diabetes UK forum

This online community is for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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