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Physical Activity, Movement and Type 1 Diabetes – JDRF Virtual Discovery Event, February 2023

Physical activity and movement can affect your blood glucose levels, especially when living with type 1 diabetes. During our ‘Virtual Type 1 Diabetes Discovery Event – Physical Activity, Movement and Type 1’, explore how being active impacts the way we manage type 1 diabetes.

We discussed the different tools and techniques that can be used to help tackle physical activity and movement more effectively to enhance overall enjoyment.

Type 1 technology companies will speak about the different tech available that can help manage your type 1 whilst keeping active. Given how varied technology can be it will be an opportunity for the community to discover what best works for them and to ask any questions you might have.

During the session experts talk through a few key topics including: 

The impact of physical activity and movement on type 1 diabetes

  • Exercise and type 1 diabetes principles
  • Nutrition for sport and physical activity
  • High level performance with type 1 diabetes
  • Lived experience panel

This is an event aimed at everyone living with type 1 diabetes, whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with type 1 for many years.

Content of this video

00:00 Welcome & Introductions

06:57 Strategies beyond exercise to become more physically active, Dr Matt Campbell

28:05 EXTOD Principles, Anne – Marie Frohock & Prof Rob Andrews

58:56 Medtrum Presentation

1:01:48 Insulet Presentation

1:06:10 Dexcom Presentation

1:08:21 Nutrition for Sport & Physical Activity, Nusrat Kausar

1:31:00 Air Liquide Presentation

1:35:00 Abbott Presentation

1:36:52 Hannah McCook (Pro Golfer), Hannah McCook

2:04:32 Khalid Keshta (High Intensity – Weight Training), Khalid Keshta

2:26:05 Lived Experience Panel: Julie, Khalid, Chris B, Hannah M, Andy, Nia, Natalie

2:57:22 JDRF Updates & Close (FAW Resources/Guidelines), Chris Bright, JDRF

3:05:33 Event close

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