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JDRF is undergoing a transformation.
We are becoming Breakthrough T1D in October.

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World Diabetes Day 2024

Every year on 14 November we come together to celebrate World Diabetes Day. Until we achieve our goal of a world without type 1 diabetes, we will continue to raise awareness for anyone affected by type 1.

A group of JDRF supporters celebrating World Diabetes Day 2024

Together we are making change happen

Over 400,000 people in the UK live with type 1 diabetes. It’s unpreventable and at present, there is no cure.

Thanks to our supporters, we’re funding research in the UK and around the globe that is transforming lives. From the first engineered insulin developed over 40 years ago to the hybrid closed loop today, ground-breaking discoveries are making life easier for all of us affected by type 1.

Thank you to every single one of you. Please take a moment to watch this video we made for you:

Get involved for World Diabetes Day

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Supporter in JDRF running vest smiling with her hands in the air in celebration as she runs past the camera

Fundraising events

Explore our upcoming events – from marathons and climbs to virtual activities – to see which you’d like to get involved in.

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JDRF lottery - win £25,000

Play the JDRF weekly lottery

JDRF’s weekly lottery gives you the chance to win a fantastic £25,000 for just £1 per entry. By playing you’ll also be funding vital, life-changing research!

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JDRF fundraisers dressed up in fancy dress costumes with Rufus, the type 1 diabetes bear

Fundraise your way

Are you ready to make a difference to people living with type 1 diabetes? Join us and thousands of others to raise money for type 1 research – and have lots of fun doing it!

About World Diabetes Day 2024

Why is 14 November World Diabetes Day?

World Diabetes Day is marked every year on 14 November. This date marks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting – one of the founding fathers of insulin. Insulin is a treatment that has saved millions of lives around the world. On this day over 100 years ago Frederick Banting and John Mcleod also won a Nobel Peace Prize for their discovery.

What is the theme for World Diabetes Day 2024?

This year the theme for World Diabetes Day is ‘Empowering Global Health’.

This theme not only centres on individual health but also stresses the importance of communities working together to combat this global issue.

Shared stories

Get information and support

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A woman sitting in a park, wearing a continuous glucose monitor

About type 1 diabetes

Learn about the causes, signs and symptoms of type 1, the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and how the condition is treated.

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man with glucose monitor in arm

Managing type 1 diabetes

Our guide to managing type 1 diabetes gives you information and support on how to manage your blood glucose levels, count carbs and deal with hypos and hypers.

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Three women sitting on a sofa laughing together

Everyday life

Just because you have type 1 diabetes, it doesn’t mean you need to stop doing the things you love. Find out more about living well with type 1.

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Three adults standing in a circle with cups of coffee, chatting and smiling at a JDRF type 1 diabetes discovery event

Free information events

Our virtual and in person discovery events are a great opportunity to meet others with type 1, find out about the latest research progress, and hear inspirational talks from a range of speakers.

Find out about our research

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A photo down a microscope of beta cell regeneration.

Cure research

Our cure research will give people with type 1 diabetes the ability to make their own insulin again.

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A scientist in the lab working on novel insulins as part of treatment research for type 1 diabetes

Treatment research

Our research is improving lives by developing new ways to treat type 1 diabetes, until we find a cure.

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Type 1 diabetes prevention research. Islets under a microscope.

Prevention research

Our work to prevent type 1 diabetes has great potential to lift the burden of this condition from future generations.

About JDRF

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A man using flash glucose monitoring - holding a mobile app and glucose sensor on his arm

About JDRF

We are the leading global type 1 diabetes charity, working every day to help people live better with the condition, prevent people ever developing it and one day, find cures.

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A scientist in the lab working on novel insulins as part of treatment research for type 1 diabetes

Our strategy

Discover more about how we work strategically to fund type 1 diabetes research, campaign for access to all treatments and connect and support the type 1 community.

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A JDRF-funded researcher looking down a microscope in the lab

Our research

We focus on investing in research that will transform the lives of people with type 1 diabetes – improving treatments today until we find a cure.

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Two JDRF fundraisers in JDRF t-shirts

Our impact

Learn how we make an impact in improving the lives of people living with type 1, from funding research, campaigning for better access to treatments and supporting the type 1 community.

Join our social communities