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Everyday life with type 1 diabetes

Get advice and information about managing type 1 diabetes around everyday life, including work, education, driving, travel and holidays, nutrition and exercise.

A man with type 1 diabetes who is cooking in his kitchen

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

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A group of people drinking alcohol at a club


Alcohol can be part of many social events and special occasions. There’s no reason why you can’t drink alcohol if you have type 1, but different types of alcohol can affect your blood glucose in different ways. Get tips and advice to stay safe with alcohol.

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A young woman having a conversation about drugs with an adult

Recreational drugs

There isn’t much research into how recreational drugs affect people type 1 diabetes. However, what we do know is that drugs can impact how you manage your type 1 and stay safe, so we’d advise that you don’t do recreational drugs.

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A person vaping

Smoking and vaping

It’s well known that smoking causes many health problems, like heart and lung disease. When you have type 1 diabetes, smoking can make it harder to manage your blood glucose levels and increase your risk of complications.