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JDRF is undergoing a transformation.
We are becoming Breakthrough T1D in October.

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University Toolkit

Don’t let your type 1 diabetes be an obstacle to university life. The information in this section will help you manage your condition effectively while studying. Produced in partnership with NHS England, Diabetes UK and NHS Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Two students taking a selfie while the male partner kisses the female partner in a library
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A young woman having a conversation about drugs with an adult

Planning and preparing for university

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A queer woman student with a tattoo on her arm, looking at her phone in front of a hedge.

UCAS and student support

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A young female student talks about her type 1 diabetes with her GP

Accessing GP and specialist care

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A young male student with type 1 diabetes, wearing a mustard-coloured polo shirt and round glasses, using an insulin pen to administer insulin into his arm.

Insulin storage and supplies

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A group of three flatmates chatting and laughing in their shared kitchen at university

New friends

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A group of four students at university, preparing for exams, sitting in front of a laptop talking and thinking together

Exams and stress

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A student with type 1 diabetes who is lighting and smoking a cigarette

Smoking and drugs

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Two female students in a relationship and hugging

Sex and relationships

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A young female student in her pyjamas in bed, sneezing and blowing her nose.

Managing sick days

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A male student sitting at a table using his laptop to study for university

New routines

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A woman sitting outside checking her insulin pump

Insulin pump users

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A woman with type 1 diabetes out for a walk. Stopped to tie her hair with her arms raised to her head showing her CGM on her arm.

Emotional wellbeing

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A female student abroad, wearing a denim jacket and carrying a black rucksack while smiling.

Studying abroad

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A young woman student exercising while wearing a green track top, grey leggings and grey trainers


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Safe driving

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A male cyclist wearing a Rapha top, sitting reading a JDRF book in a cafe


Produced in partnership with

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