How to make a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to JDRF needn’t be complicated - here, we explain how to do it.

The 4 steps involved

1. Find a solicitor or make a will for free

We recommend using a professional to ensure your will is legally binding. That way, you know your wishes will be honoured and your generosity will live on to help cure, treat and prevent type 1.

When you make a new will, simply ask your solicitor to include JDRF. If you have a large or complicated estate, or if you have complex needs – for example: trust income, property overseas, dependent relatives, or ongoing legal issues – you should speak to a specialist solicitor.  Likewise, if you have concerns around mental capacity you should discuss with a solicitor face-to-face.

If you already have a will, speak to your solicitor and ask them to update your will to include a gift to JDRF in your will.  They will take you through the necessary steps to do this.

For help finding a solicitor in your area, visit The Law Society or call 020 7320 5650.

Make a will for free

JDRF supporters can make a will for free with makeawillonline.  A qualified solicitor will look over every will and helplines are available if you need assistance. To make your will for free, take a look at our JDRF page on MakeAWillOnline.

There is no obligation to include a gift to JDRF. When you make a will using this service, information on when the will was made and how much has been pledged is shared with us. This is incredibly helpful for us to plan for the future of our charity. You can choose to share your name and details with us too so we can get in touch to say “thank you” and make sure we keep you up to date on our work.

However you choose to make your will, we are very grateful for anything you leave us.

2. Choose which gift to make

A share of your estate:

Once you’ve taken care of those close to you, giving a few percentage of what’s left to JDRF is an inspiring way to create a world without type 1. This type of gift will retain its value over time.

A cash gift:

You might decide to include a cash gift in your Will to JDRF. No matter how much you choose to donate, remembering JDRF with a cash gift in your Will is a lasting way to make life better for everyone with type 1.

A specific item:

You might choose to donate a specific item such as personal possessions, shares, life insurance, property or the proceeds of a bank account, as a gift in your Will to JDRF.

3. The essentials

Our full charity name is Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, our charity number is: 295716 and our registered address: 17/18 Angel Gate, City Road, London EC1V 2PT.

4. Let us know

Finally, we would love to know if you’ve left a gift in your Will to JDRF so we can say thank you. You can always choose for your gift to remain anonymous if you wish and make a will online here

Frequently asked questions

Leave a gift

A gift in your Will to JDRF, no matter how much you choose to leave, means you will continue to make life better for everyone with type 1, after you are gone.

If you would like to speak to someone about leaving a gift in your Will to JDRF, please contact our friendly legacies manager Hayley Perez on 020 7713 2030 or email

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