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Pathway to Choice

A joint partnership programme building awareness of and access to type 1 technology choices.
Content last reviewed and updated: 18.08.2023

Andrea and Larry, pictured at home, lift their t-shirts while laughing to show their continuous glucose monitors

A range of wearable medical devices already exists to help manage type 1 diabetes, which can be a challenging condition to live with.

However, only a small percentage of those living with the condition in the UK use these more technology-based treatments.

And currently, just 30% of people with type 1 diabetes reach their recommended blood glucose targets, putting them at greater risk of health complications.

People with type 1 diabetes who use medical technologies may find it easier to manage their glucose levels and thereby reduce these health risks.

JDRF commissioned market research to understand the motivations and barriers people with type 1 diabetes face in making treatment choices.

The Pathway to Choice report

The findings of our Pathway to Choice report, launched in February 2020, will enable us to explore the types of support and interventions we can develop to help people living with type 1 diabetes choose the best possible treatments.

The market research also highlighted areas in which government, the Department of Health and Social Care and the NHS can improve support for people living with this life-changing condition.

Read the full Pathway to Choice report or download the executive summary.

The Pathway to Choice partnership

Pathway to Choice is a partnership programme led by JDRF and supported by industry partners Abbott Diabetes Care, Dexcom, Insulet International Ltd and Roche Diabetes Care Ltd.

The aim of the programme is to build awareness of and access to type 1 technology choices for people with type 1 diabetes. It does this through building insight to influence health decision-makers, increasing understanding of technologies among people with type 1 diabetes and raising public awareness of type 1 diabetes and its treatment.

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