Stephen Dixon’s #diaversary story

Stephen's #diaversary: 17/01/1992

Stephen Dixon

My diabetes diagnosis was a confusing time. I was 17 and had to absorb so much information – a lot of it upsetting for my family. I was nervous about my future, as broadcasting has been my passion since childhood. I wanted an exciting TV career. One thing I didn’t want was for type 1 diabetes to stop that happening. It hasn’t!

So skip to 23 years later and I’m using my #diaversary as a time to celebrate my successes. Like many people with type 1 I’ve had my ups and downs, but I am fit and healthy. I’m proud to have achieved that. It’s taken some hard work and determination – but I’m not afraid to say well done to myself!

Presenting Sky News and being in the public eye, the most important thing I can do on this date is let people know that it’s all OK. Life definitely doesn’t end with diagnosis, and parents don’t need to think their children’s lives will be ruined by it. The changes I’ve seen for diabetics have been immense. From multiple daily injections to insulin pumps, it is clear that treatments are changing and not afraid to evolve – I wonder what developments there will be in another 23 years time?

So use your #diaversary to support JDRF, donate, and raise awareness. But use it also to congratulate yourself on getting this far. Whatever you do and wherever you are, be proud of yourself, and all you’ve achieved. I am!