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Insurance for diabetes technology

You can insure your insulin pump, the receiver for both your continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or flash glucose sensor in case it is lost, stolen or damaged.
Content last reviewed and updated: 09.08.2023

A black man using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) pulling up his t shirt to show his wearable type 1 diabetes tech

Is type 1 technology covered under home contents insurance?

Getting insurance for diabetes technology is relatively easy. Most people have their pump, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) or flash receivers added to their contents insurance as a ‘specified item’ for all risks. It costs nothing or very little to add this to your current insurance. 

If you use CGM or flash, only the receiver needs to be insured. If your CGM or flash sensor is lost or damaged, you don’t need to claim on your insurance, just simply replace it. If you use your mobile phone as your receiver, this may already be covered by your insurance 

Ask your Integrated Care Board (ICB) or Health Board for a certificate of value and ownership/responsibility. Once you have that, you should be able to get it covered on your household insurance for the amount your ICB or Health Board has outlined. If your ICB or Health Board is not willing to provide this, then they should not expect you to insure their equipment and you should get this in writing in case anything happens to the equipment. 

Is there specific insurance for diabetes technology?

Insurance for Insulin Pumps offer insurance for insulin pumps, CGM and flash glucose receivers. The policy will protect you from theft, loss or accidental damage, and any claims will not affect your household policy. This might be the quickest way to get your equipment replaced if needed – probably much quicker than dealing with your household insurance company or your clinic or ICB or Health Board. 

Should I get travel insurance if I go away on holiday?

Yes. You should be able to find travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions like type 1.  

Find out more about travelling with type 1.

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