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Treatments & technologies

Treating type 1 diabetes means replacing the insulin that your pancreas doesn't make and monitoring your blood glucose levels. There are different ways to do this.

Remember to talk to your diabetes specialist team for further information and support. If you don't currently attend a specialist clinic, ask your GP to refer you.

Blood glucose meters

A blood glucose meter is a small medical device that checks the amount of glucose in your blood

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Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) gives information about your glucose levels every few minutes

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Flash glucose sensing

Flash glucose sensing is a new development in glucose monitoring, using a sensor on the back of the arm with a probe just under the skin.

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There are different types of insulin and methods of delivering insulin to the body

Injecting insulin

Around 90% of people with type 1 in the UK inject their insulin through multiple daily injections

Insulin pump therapy

Insulin pumps can improve glucose control in people with type 1 diabetes but do not suit everyone.

Islet transplants

An islet transplant involves extracting the islets of Langerhans from the pancreas of an organ donor, then transplanting those islets into you


Biosimilar insulins are not yet available, but you may have heard them being mentioned.

Open source decision tools

There are a number of approaches that have been instigated by parents of children with type 1 and people with type 1 to be able to better access and share data

Closed loop / Artificial pancreas systems

Discover the latest research on closed-loop or artificial pancreas systems that will help treat type 1

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Which clinic can I go to for an insulin pump or CGM?

Uptake of insulin pumps can vary by ten times from clinic to clinic so how do different clinics compare?

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Apps that can help manage type 1 diabetes

There are many apps to help people manage type 1 diabetes. From digital diabetes logbooks to carb counting - there’s an app that might help you!

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Can I get an insulin pump, CGM or flash on the NHS?

NICE announces new guidelines for access to tech

New guidance for the NHS in England has recommended that people with type 1 diabetes be offered a choice of flash or CGM on the NHS.

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What do the new access guidelines mean for me?

We have produced Q&A guidance about the new NICE guidance on access to flash and CGM technology.

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Can I get an insulin pump on the NHS?

Learn about accessing insulin pumps and download a step-by-step guide

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Can I get continuous glucose monitoring on the NHS?

Information on clinical guidelines and current NHS funding for advanced glucose monitoring technologies for people with type 1 diabetes

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Can I get flash glucose monitoring on the NHS?

Flash glucose monitoring is now available on the NHS for people who qualify for it no matter where they live

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