The type 1 diabetes community

Living with type 1 diabetes can be lonely. Unless it runs in your family it’s quite likely that you won’t know anyone else affected by the condition. Find out about online communities and events near you.

Events in your region

Discovery Days

Sign up to come to one of our Discovery Days where you can meet others with type 1, hear about the latest research news and listen to some inspirational speakers. Discovery Days are free events and we run them in all regions on a regular basis. Everyone with a connection to type 1 is welcome.


Simply typing in the hashtags #GBdoc or the hashtag #OurD into Twitter (and viewing ‘all,’ not ‘top’ tweets) will reveal a huge conversation among the type 1 diabetes online community. These hashtag conversations continue 24/7, with weekly ‘live’ conversations.

We tweet from @jdrfuk. Follow us to keep up to date with all the latest news.


We have an active Facebook page and several regional Facebook group pages:

London Facebook page

Midlands Facebook page

North Facebook page

Scotland Facebook page

South Facebook page

South West Facebook page

Wales Facebook page

There are other active Facebook groups that act as popular forums for UK people with type 1 diabetes (and many more of course for international audiences). They include:

There are none that are as popular for adults with type 1 diabetes, where Twitter and online forums may prove as popular.

Online forums

This is JDRF’s social network for people with type 1 diabetes, their families and friends. This site is managed by JDRF in the US.

This is a huge commercial website and forum with many forum strands for those affected by type 1 diabetes. Its audience is 80 per cent UK-based.

This online community is supported by Diabetes UK.

This forum is four years old, and has a modest but loyal number of users.

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