Treatment advocacy

Our international research programme means that life-altering treatments and developments for type 1 diabetes, like the artificial pancreas, smart insulin and encapsulation are in clinical trials around the world.

As these new treatments become available, we want to make sure that they are delivered through the NHS to people with type 1 diabetes as quickly as possible.

To achieve this we provide evidence and patient input to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN).  These are the two organisations that evaluate which medicines should be prescribed and paid for by the NHS, and provide guidelines to doctors about best treatment practices.

As well as providing input for NICE and SIGN treatment reviews ourselves, we work with industry and researchers to ensure that they are producing appropriate evidence for these two bodies.  We also make sure that patients’ views are represented by asking people with type 1 diabetes to take part in reviews, and we help people with type 1 are kept up to date about the best and latest treatment options so that they can discuss them with their healthcare team.

We also work with partners like Diabetes UK and diabetes technology advocacy group Input to address some of the problems which delay adoption of new treatments and technology through the NHS.

Some of our work

We are co-secretariat of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Diabetes, working to make sure that diabetes and its challenges are at the forefront of the Government’s agenda.

Last year the APPG, which we supported with Diabetes UK, produced a report on the barriers to education for people with diabetes.  Education about managing type 1 diabetes is important in helping people improve their health, and also in using insulin pumps and other diabetes technologies.

We worked with Input and Diabetes UK to produce a family-friendly type 1 tech guide to NICE guidance on technology for children and young people with diabetes. You can download it by going to our information packs and leaflet page.

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