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Research funding advocacy

The more excellent type 1 diabetes research we can get funded, the quicker we can drive developments to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes

We work with the UK Government’s two major funding bodies, the Medical Research Council (MRC) and National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to make type 1 diabetes research a priority.

We also work with government departments, like the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, to help them understand the impact of type 1 diabetes on the UK, and the excellence in research that the UK can provide to the global mission to cure type 1.

We also work with researchers and other funders to create new opportunities for funding, and to understand and address some of the barriers that can slow down research progress in the UK.

Some of our work…

  • Our Research Roadmap is a guide to UK research and its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, as a resource for researchers and funders
  • We produced Type 1 Research Today, a look at the UK research landscape and recent progress
  • We held Type 1 Parliament, a major lobbying event which brings children and adults affected by type 1 diabetes to Parliament so that they could talk to their MPs about type 1 diabetes, research and the issues that affect them
  • We ran the successful #CountMeIn campaign, which led to a reversal in the downward trend in UK Government type 1 research, with the support of more than 100 MPs
  • We have launched a funding partnership with the MRC to support new researchers beginning their careers in type 1 diabetes clinical research
  • We produced Millie’s Manifesto, a tool to help people with type 1 lobby their members of parliament in their local constituencies.