Joint branding

Creating joint brand awareness through cause related marketing or sponsorship can engage your customers and clients, resulting in a positive outcome for both us and your company.

Cause Related Marketing (CRM), promoting charitable support through product sales, is a recognised way to increase sales of product and engage new audiences with your brand. The UK public are more likely to purchase items that support charity and it provides an emotive new conversation to have with your customers.

We also have a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. Our partners engage with us by providing sponsorship for a variety of things including high-profile fundraising events, information and support materials, website sections and research projects. Because there is a variety of things we can offer, sponsorship costs vary and are accessible for companies of different sizes.

We only align with brands that we can form mutually beneficial partnerships with. If you have an idea about how your company could benefit from association with us, please get in touch on 0207 713 2030 or to find out how we can work together.