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Current research funding opportunities

JDRF has lots of funding schemes for researchers working on type 1 diabetes and its complications. We offer a range of funding opportunities across all career levels and specialisms. Find more information about our international and UK-only funding schemes below.

Two JDRF-funded type 1 diabetes researchers looking at data on a computer screen

International JDRF funding opportunities

Our funding schemes cover a variety of type 1 diabetes research focus areas and range from training grants for early career researchers, innovative and industry grants aimed at diversifying our research portfolio, through to larger Strategic Research Agreements.

Learn about our open, rolling and past international type 1 diabetes funding opportunities.

For more information and to apply for funding, please visit the JDRF Grant Center website.

JDRF UK Small Grant Awards

Our annual Small Grant Awards offer type 1 diabetes researchers funding of up to £20,000 for basic research projects and £30,000 for clinical research studies.  

Find out more about the JDRF UK Small Grant Awards. Read about the three latest projects to receive our Small Grant Awards. 

Opportunities for research funded in partnership

We have teamed up with research funders, other charities, and industry to make our supporters’ donations go further and fund a wider range of research projects.

Discover research opportunities for projects we co-fund with other organisations.

Research funding calls from other organisations

Discover open funding calls for type 1 diabetes research from other organisations available to UK-based researchers.

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Learn about our research

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Resources for researchers

Find free resources to help with your type 1 diabetes research, including data, biological samples and access to our patient insight panel.