Urgent: keep moving type 1 research forward

COVID-19 threatens to hold up vital type 1 research.

Please donate today.

Nina Wadia for the JDRF BBC Lifeline Appeal for type 1 diabetes

JDRF’s research gives us hope for a cure one day. We can’t let COVID-19 slow us down. Please get involved and give your support today.” ~ Nina Wadia, actor and JDRF ambassador

Thanks to people like you, our scientists recently launched the world’s first artificial pancreas app, making life better for potentially thousands of people with type 1.

The next step is to make sure this incredible technology is available on the NHS – and to push ahead with more life-changing discoveries.

But COVID-19 has left a huge £1 million hole in our income that threatens to hold us up.

Can you help keep our vital research going?

Right now, we have amazing new research projects in the pipeline, from faster insulins that could help treat type 1 to immunotherapies that could help cure it.

All we need is enough research income to drive more exciting projects like this forward. The more we can invest, the sooner we will get there.

Please give what you can today so we can deliver more life-changing milestones, like the artificial pancreas app, for more people with type 1.

Thank you.


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