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Information for young people

If you’re affected by type 1 diabetes you’ll find loads of useful info and fun stuff right here. Whether you have type 1 yourself, your brother, sister or friend has it or you just want some info – you should find what you’re looking for here.


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Newly diagnosed

Have you just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? Do you feel confused, sad, angry and maybe a bit scared? Click here to find out more about the condition.

Living with type 1

Whether you're new to type 1 diabetes or an old pro by now, there is lots of information to help you here.

Information for schools

We also provide information and resources for your school too. Visit our Schools Programme page for more detail about our free resources for teachers, parents and schools.

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Myth or fact?

No doubt you've heard people say stuff about type 1 diabetes that simply isn't true. Next time you hear a myth, come back with a fact.
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