Why working for a medical research charity is the best use of your science communication skills

Maybe you always have a great science fact up your sleeve to share with friends.

Maybe you love explaining science to other people even more than doing it yourself.

Maybe you still remember the fascinated faces at that outreach day you recently took part in.

Whatever the reason, you’re here because you’re looking for a new role in science communication.

Science Communications

JDRF exists to find the cure for type 1 diabetes. Here are four reasons why finding a science communication role with a global charity like us would be a great career move.

1. Our science communications roles involve variety and creativity

Variety is the spice of life, and this role offers plenty of it. In how many other roles do you get to talk, write, film, blog, vlog, tweet and present on medical research?

2. Our science communications roles involve travel

Lisbon, Berlin, Barcelona…these are just some of the locations that have hosted annual diabetes conferences. We’ll need you there. While the researchers share their latest findings, it’s up to you to keep the 400,000 people in the UK with type 1 diabetes up to date on it all.

But you don’t need to wait for the annual conferences to come around to escape the office. Like the thought of trips to Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and beyond? We have events across the UK that need your science knowledge.

3. Our science communications roles are permanent

Unusually for science communication roles, ours are permanent. This means you can spend time developing new, high-quality content to engage and inspire others with medical research, without having to worry about your next move.

4. Our science communications roles offer a strong sense of purpose

JDRF’s research is for the millions of people around the world living with type 1 diabetes, and their families. It’s a condition that is currently neither preventable nor curable.

Before the discovery of insulin – one of the greatest moments in the history of medical research – everyone ever diagnosed with type 1 diabetes swiftly died. Now, JDRF is working to find the type 1 diabetes cure and free people from the impact of the condition. Research communicators are crucial in our journey towards that cure.

You can apply for our Research Communications and Engagement Officer position or our Research Communications Manager position by clicking here.