Why this is the best kind of social media job

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What’s the best kind of social media job?

Some people would say it’s a role in which you can bring offline communities online – and I have great respect for that.

But what if you want to be the best social media and digital professional you can be? Then you need to be surrounded on all sides by the opportunities offered by digital, and by the developing impact of digital to save and enhance lives.

Your ideal job will have three layers of digital immersion: it needs to be at a truly digital organisation, in a thrilling digital sector, that serves truly digital communities.

1. A truly digital organisation

Does the organisation you’re looking to apply to treat its social media professional as ‘the’ digital person sitting in their own little digital ghetto, surrounded by non-digital departments? If so, avoid.

If the entire organisation is expected to operate digitally, then apply.

2. A thrilling digital sector

Okay, every sector has been undergoing some kind of digital revolution for years now. But which will be the most exciting sectors for digital change in 2019? Diabetes healthcare and diabetes research are unbeatable in this regard.

Digital devices and platforms for type 1 diabetes are rapidly placing power in the hands of those living with the condition. Many are building DIY wearable tech to manage their condition. Debates around patient data are raging.

3. Serving truly digital communities

Wearable digital tools such as insulin pumps mean people with type 1 diabetes are often highly digitally skilled. They share tactics and advice with each other in sophisticated online communities.

The organisations that support these people – such as charities and medical device manufacturers – have to match their level of expertise. This maintains standards of digital creativity and innovation.

4. Oh… and do a job that matters

Your digital skills are too precious to be spent promoting online restaurant review platforms. They should be used to change the world.

Before the discovery of insulin, everyone ever diagnosed with type 1 diabetes swiftly died. Insulin keeps people with the condition alive. Now, JDRF is working to find the type 1 diabetes cure and free people from the condition. We want to free them from dangerous hypos and other health complications. We want to free them from worry. We want to free them from a life of thinking 24/7 about their condition.

Join us

There’s nowhere better to be a social media officer than the type 1 diabetes charity JDRF. Join us. Be part of the hunt for the cure. Apply for the position today.