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Volunteering in JDRF’s Public Affairs department

One of the many ways people volunteer for JDRF is in our offices, where they get to learn valuable career skills while supporting vital type 1 diabetes research through their dedication.

Here two volunteers in JDRF’s Public Affairs department, Alice and Huda, talk about their experience of volunteering:

I have been volunteering with JDRF once a week since April. I found the volunteering role advertised on a charity job website. Not long after applying for the position I was invited to an informal where we spoke about my career goals and what I wanted to get out of this position.

When I started volunteering I was confident that I would be getting the most out of this opportunity.  I am working in the London office with the Senior Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Rachael Chrisp. I have assisted with many different tasks. Frequently, I look through the parliamentary monitoring to highlight anything of importance to JDRF. Most recently, I have been conducting stakeholder research to assist with the charity’s Connect Immune Research Initiative.

I find volunteering at JDRF very rewarding. It is refreshing to be able to do a job that has a positive impact on lives throughout the UK.

I have learnt a great deal about autoimmune diseases and type 1 diabetes. Before starting at JDRF I did not know about the connection between the two.

Working in the public affairs department has allowed me to grow my knowledge and understanding of the British political system. Rachael has also given me a lot of support and advice about applying for jobs which has been very useful.

I would absolutely recommend anyone to volunteer for JDRF! The office is very warm and friendly; I have even been included in weekly team meetings.

My Name is Huda, I am currently volunteering in the External Relations department of JDRF, as a Public Affairs Assistant.

I was looking for ways to enhance my skills and expand my network. I came across JDRF’s terrific work, and an opportunity came up to support JDRF’s Public Affairs team. I have an MA in International Politics and Human Rights with experience in international development, and this role provided me with an opportunity to develop new skills within the charity sector.

I work closely with JDRF’s Senior Policy & Public Affairs Officer (who is brilliant). My tasks vary; they consist of parliamentary and political monitoring, conducting research, analysing data, flagging lobbying opportunities and stakeholder engagement. This has been great as it has given me exposure to new skills, but also increases my knowledge of parliamentary and political research.

It’s been eye-opening and inspiring supporting the work of JDRF. Their work helping to improve the lives of people with type1 diabetes is ground-breaking.

i’ve learned a great deal about type 1 diabetes, and autoimmune conditions. Prior to volunteering at JDRF, I had very little knowledge around it. Working here has shown me the impact of the condition of those living with type1 diabetes.

Volunteering for an organisation that is dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes has been inspiring. I’m thrilled to be working alongside a passionate team, dedicated to raising awareness, delivering pioneering research and working to improve treatments.

Whether you’re interested in developing or acquiring new skills or joining a global movement that helps the lives of so many people, JDRF would be a great place to volunteer.

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