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Meet Millie – the 12 year old demanding 2015 election candidates tackle type 1 diabetes

Author: Millie Hainge's story | Posted: 01 December 2014

By Ben Moody

It’s less than six months to go until the 2015 General Election and the consensus across the experts is that it is still all to play for.blog_milliehainge2

While David Cameron and Ed Miliband are the frontrunners to become Prime Minister, it is the smaller parties that look likely to decide the outcome. The key questions are: Where will ex-Lib Dem voters go, and in what numbers? How many votes will UKIP take and who from? And how many seats will the Scottish National Party take from Labour?

And most importantly for us, what will any changes mean for the 400,000 people in the UK – and their families – affected by type 1 diabetes?

JDRF will be campaigning with all of the candidates standing for election, regardless of their party, to make sure the next Government takes type 1 diabetes seriously.

Marcus Jones MP for Nuneaton poses for a photograph as he meets people living with type 1 diabetes in Parliament in London on March 11, 2014. MPs met 60 children and adults who live with type 1 diabetes at Type 1 Parliament, an event staged by type 1 diabetes charity JDRF to call on the Government to invest more into type 1 diabetes research. A child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of five faces aces up to 19,000 injections and 50,000 finger prick blood glucose tests by the time they are 18. Photograph supplied by JDRF - 07900923224 - mconellan@jdrf.org.uk

12 year old JDRF supporter Millie Hainge lives with the condition. A national type 1 diabetes campaign warrior – she’s been on ITV’s Daybreak and to Parliament to have her say. Now she’s written ‘Millie’s Manifesto’ – outlining her suggested priorities for the parties.

JDRF will be working with Millie and all of our supporters to ask election candidates to:

  • Learn about the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and help to raise awareness
  • Increase Government funding for type 1 diabetes research in the UK, in line with other leading research nations
  • Ensure that people with type 1 diabetes are supported to use type 1 diabetes technology on the NHS

But we also need your help in putting type 1 diabetes at the top of the political agenda.

Millie’s Manifesto will launch in the New Year. Keep a look out for it, and the ways that you can get involved here. It is the latest step in our #CountMeIn campaign for increased Government focus on type 1 diabetes.