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From hangovers to half marathons with type 1 diabetes

Author: By Lizzy Whirrity's story | Posted: 01 September 2014

By Lizzy Whirrity

I write this with one evil hangover.

Last night I went to Fabric, primarily to dance my socks off but also with an ulterior motive. I wanted to see if the nightclub was living up to its policy changes that I helped to implement with JDRF – giving diabetics the option of keeping their medical kit on them in the venue.blog_LizzyWhirrity

And they were! I had an amazing night with the addition of my insulin pens and glucose meter remaining firmly in my bag. I was pleased with this little victory for diabetics and now I’ve started thinking about what good cause I can next throw my weight behind (like campaigning for Tesco’s nutritional packaging to change, for one). But I think I should probably start with something personal first – looking after myself a bit better.

I have had type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years and even though I have always made an effort with my control (despite a few hiccups in my teens), I have never been partial to exercise. Ever. So much so that when we had to do the cross country run at school I used to sneak an extra unit of fast acting morning insulin in, so I’d have a hypo and wouldn’t have to do it. If my mum reads this she will kill me!

But since the DAFNE course I have been able to eat more freely, which, although it has been amazing for my HbA1cs, has had a concerted effect on my weight and an increase in Twix sales at the corner shop. I haven’t put on that much, but enough for me to notice.

So I have decided that in my defiant ways, I am going to run a half marathon next year. I don’t run. I have never run. To a certain extent I don’t want to. But I do like proving to myself that anything is possible.

I am envisaging adventures of running around the park and not realising I’m hypo because I’m too hot and having weird high blood sugars the next day. I have never done this before so it’s all a learning experience.

Anyway my hangover needs some attention – bacon and eggs are calling! Exercise regime starts next week.

Wish me luck.