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Celebrating the return of two ex-JDRF employees

JDRF Head of HR, Hayley anderson

JDRF’s Head of Human Resources, Hayley Anderson celebrates the return of two ex-employees to more senior positions in the organisation.

“JDRF has reached a significant milestone this month with two ex-employees returning to us in more senior roles.

Not only is this a fantastic achievement for the employees themselves, it is also a cause for celebration within the HR team, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the two individuals will be able to deliver in their respective roles straight away – given they already understand type 1 diabetes and have a connection with our supporters.

Secondly, it is a testament to the benefits of having a structured learning and development programme and a culture of developing staff to be their best.

For organisations of our size (70 staff) it is a constant battle to retain excellent staff when there is a natural progression ceiling. This requires a careful balancing act of offering staff great opportunities for personal development and growth, while managing expectations about realistic progression.

But at JDRF, we recognise that developing staff while you have them brings huge benefit to the organisation and to the staff. This is because it allows for the building of a psychological contract in which staff perform at their best while you have them – but also allows them to move on when they are ready, with fond feelings.

Finally, and perhaps for me the most significant, is what a great endorsement returning staff are for the culture of our organisation.

We work hard at JDRF to have a really positive and inclusive culture that finds the right balance between being a friendly place to work while keeping the needs of our supporters and the passion for our cause at the forefront of our minds.

This doesn’t happen by accident but through the belief in JDRF’s mission from everyone involved.

Staff having moved on, developed and grown, then wanting to return to that culture is a massive pat on the back for all involved.”