A dad’s special gesture for a special girl

Author: Caspian Ashworth's story | Posted: 01 August 2018

A girl with type 1 diabetes

As a dad of a child living with type 1 diabetes, along with the added complications of both atopic dermatitis and coeliac disease, I have always found it difficult expressing my true feelings regarding my daughter’s illness.

Like so many, I still have so many unanswered questions.  Why her?  Why us?  How could we have prevented it?  Who is to blame?  To see my baby girl, Indigo, aged just five, crying her eyes out with multiple injections a day, was heartbreaking, especially when she kept asking ‘Daddy, please make it all go away.’

But, as we all know, time is a great healer.  She now accepts injections and finger pricks as normal routine, and now at 10 years old, is quite literally the happiest and most smiley member of our family, particularly since switching to the Omnipod patch pump.

I still struggle to speak about her condition.  However, strangely enough, writing it down and singing about my feelings seemed much more natural for this shy and reserved Englishman.

So, I composed a song called ‘Special Girl,’ with words and ideas from Indigo, and recorded it with fellow members of the Barbershop Quartet from our local St Nicholas Parish Church Choir in Arundel, West Sussex. Hence the reason our name is St. Nicholas Barbershop Quartet. We comprise of; the town builder, electrician, clergyman and me, the scientist. In fact, I’m the only Quartet member who actually needs a barber shop!

We sing a variety of spiritual, popular and comedy songs often playing guitar, banjo, triangle and shaky egg to hopefully embellish the harmonies.

The highs and lows of life with type 1

‘Special Girl’ is quite upbeat and breezy, to reflect my daughter’s sunny spirit.  It describes the ‘highs and lows’ of her life with type 1 and the video includes snippets from recent JDRF events we attended.

The whole process has been quite therapeutic for all involved and we totally recommend it as an alternative for those who find these things difficult to talk about.  We hope the song will help raise spirits and further increase awareness of both JDRF and type 1 diabetes.

Have a watch of the video – I hope you enjoy the song!

WARNING: This video contains psychedelic waistcoats