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Type 1 Research Today

A report that presents a positive picture of type 1 diabetes research in the UK.

Front cover of type 1 research today report

Type 1 Research Today is a report that presents a positive picture of type 1 diabetes research in the UK. Many funders are engaged in supporting type 1 diabetes research, and UK researchers are making significant contributions to global progress in treating, preventing and ultimately curing type 1 diabetes.

UK funding organisations are investing close to £100 million in type 1 diabetes research

Diagram showing how type 1 diabetes research is funded across organisations from JDRF and NIHR as the largest funders. Other funders include Welcome Trust, Diabetes UK, Medical Research Council, Innovate UK and Chief Scientists Office

To ensure that type 1 research continues to play a strong role in making the UK a leader in medical research, every effort should be made to ensure that this healthy ecosystem of funding opportunities remains strong and protected.

Type 1 diabetes research is being funded throughout the UK

Map of the UK with coloured dots representing the locations of type 1 diabetes research. Dots are spread out across the four nations.

London, Cambridge and Oxford do not dominate the type 1 research space in the same way as in other conditions. This not only provides a more diverse talent pool to work on type 1, but should also mean that people with type 1 will have opportunities to engage in research wherever they live in the UK.

There is a lack of award schemes in certain areas of research in the UK

Bar chart showing a lack of award schemes in personal awards and understanding research infrastructure compared to back research, translational research and clinic trials

We need to ensure that type 1 research in the UK remains cutting edge and that we are training the next generation of researchers to tackle type 1 diabetes.

Our vision of a world free of type 1 diabetes is not yet reality. There is still a great deal more work to do in laboratories, hospitals, board rooms and debating chambers to make that dream come true. And whoever we are, we can each take steps to bring the day we consign type 1 to the history books closer.

Download the Type 1 Research Today report and join us to catalyse faster progress towards a world without type 1 diabetes.

The Type 1 Research Today report was made possible by a generous individual gift from JDRF Patrons James and Margaret Cripps.