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Type 1 Diabetes Research Roadmap

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses, gaps and opportunities of UK type 1 diabetes research; clearing a path to the cure.

Front cover of type 1 diabetes research roadmap report

The 2013 Type 1 Diabetes Research Roadmap project brought together many of the UK’s leading researchers and key opinion leaders in the field of type 1 research, and their counterparts in Europe.

The project aimed to:

  • identify existing UK research strengths and capabilities relevant to type 1
  • find appropriate points of convergence between UK and international type 1 research priorities
  • encourage collaboration and communication among academics, clinicians, governments, commercial organisations, funding agencies, the type 1 community and other stakeholders
  • recommend areas for future support to accelerate the advance of UK research and enable the translation of research into real clinical outcomes.

Each roundtable event was designed to encourage researchers to participate in an analysis of existing gaps in UK type 1 research, to identify the key research questions that need to be addressed and to discuss the funding streams that need to be in place to allow this to happen.

The roundtable events highlighted several key themes relating to the strengths and weaknesses of UK research into type 1 diabetes.