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My type 1 shopping list: Pete Davies

Pete Davies has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 65 years. He has seen many changes in managing blood glucose levels as well as attitudes to dietary requirements.

Pete Davies, standing in front of a mountain

Pete Davies has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 65 years. He has seen many changes in managing blood glucose levels as well as attitudes to dietary requirements.

Pete says: “Type 1 diabetes has never stopped me from doing anything and that includes eating a varied, well balanced and enjoyable diet.

‘About five years ago I discovered I have coeliac disease, which makes my dietary needs quite challenging. This was discovered just prior to a high-altitude fundraising trek in Peru to mark my 60th diaversary.”

Pete’s shopping list

Here is Pete’s type 1 diabetes shopping list:

Gluten-free bread

My day often starts with Gluten free toast, followed by fruit with a little yogurt. I’ve found that Schar gluten-free bread is the tastiest alternative. It’s smaller than an average loaf but one slice of bread contains around the same amount of carbohydrates and fills me up just as much.

Hiking snacks

I am often out hiking in the hills, and I always carry snacks to keep myself in range. My snacks might consist of fruits such as bananas or apples or sometimes I take biscuits instead. I also take a large pack of glucose tablets, just in case. I gave up Jelly Babies as they aren’t always gluten-free.

Gluten-free pasta

I tend to go for fusilli as the gluten-free option is much nicer than gluten-free spaghetti, which can get a bit slimy. My friends and family don’t notice the difference when I serve it to them with a delicious bolognaise sauce.

Fruit and vegetables

Another favourite meal is chopped vegetables in a tomato sauce with gluten-free pasta or a jacket potato.

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