Working out at how much risk a person living with type 1 diabetes is of developing retinopathy

Scientific title: Stratifying retinopathy risk in patients with type 1 diabetes
Principal investigator: Dr Richard Lee
Institution: University College London
Duration of award: 01 August 2018 – 31 July 2020

Headshot of Dr Richard Lee
Dr Richard Lee

Treatments exist to help people who develop diabetic retinopathy, but they can be very uncomfortable. It is difficult to develop and test new treatments however as there is currently no precise way of working out who will develop retinopathy. Dr Richard Lee’s aim is to find a marker, or “signature”, in the blood that will be able to tell us how likely a person living with type 1 diabetes is to develop diabetic retinopathy. Dr Lee will then develop a predictive model based on this marker. This will help other researchers to develop and test new treatments for diabetic retinopathy in well-designed clinical trials. The work could also have implications for self-care: for people found to be at low risk of retinopathy, it could reduce the frequency of eye checks needed, which can be burdensome.

Categories: Treat, Complications

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Poster explaining Dr Richard Lee's research project with JDRF to work out who will develop diabetic retinopathy