JDRFResearch ProjectsWhy do some people progress very slowly to type 1 diabetes?

Why do some people progress very slowly to type 1 diabetes?

Scientific title: How do slow progressors to type 1 diabetes regulate their autoimmune response?
Principal Investigator: Professor Kathleen Gillespie
Institution: University of Bristol
Duration of award: 1 November 2018 – 31 October 2020

In rare cases, people at high risk of type 1 diabetes can take more than ten years to develop clinical symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Evidence to date suggests that the immune system of these “slow progressors” is somehow regulating itself to prevent type 1 diabetes.

In this JDRF-funded project, Professor Gillespie will study the immune system in slow progressors, and compare it with people who progress to type 1 diabetes rapidly as well as with low-risk people who have not developed type 1.

This will help us understand the process behind this immune regulation in slow progressors in order to be able to predict people’s rate of progression to type 1 diabetes and to inform the development of prevention strategies.

Click on the image below to download a poster about Professor Gillespie’s project.

Image of poster explaining Dr Gillespie's project

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