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Which immune cells take part in islet inflammation in type 1 diabetes?

Scientific title: Phenotype and specificity of the islet inflammation in type 1 diabetes
Principal investigator: Dr Michael Christie
Institution: University of Lincoln
Duration of award: 01 July  2018 – 30 June 2020

Headshot of Dr Michael Christie
Dr Michael Christie

Dr Christie wants to understand the role of B cells – a type of immune cell – in promoting inflammation in groups of beta cells in the pancreas. To do this, he will work together with Dr Sarah Richardson and Professor Noel Morgan’s team at the University of Exeter to analyse a collection of pancreas samples obtained from people with type 1 diabetes. Dr Christie hopes to work out whether the invasion of B cells into the pancreas accelerates the autoimmune attack and destruction of beta cells.

If we can work out if B cells are involved in initiating the autoimmune attack, and work out the B cells’ actions in this process, it could inform the development of new treatments based to slow or stop the autoimmune attack, based on changing the behaviour of B cells.

Categories: Prevent, treat, immune system

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