Using non-invasive eye tests to diagnose nerve damage – COMPLETED

Rayaz Malik
Rayaz Malik

Scientific title: Developing corneal confocal microscopy for human diabetic neuropathy
Principal Investigator:
 Professor Rayaz Malik
Institution: University of Manchester
Project duration: 01/09/2008 – 31/08/2013

Objective: Diabetic neuropathy, a kind of nerve damage, is a potential complication of living with type 1 diabetes. Yet at present, tests for the condition are invasive and are therefore only carried out after symptoms have begun. This means it is hard to identify people who are at high risk of developing the condition, and also to develop treatments, as there is no effective way to measure how helpful the treatment has been. This project seeks to discover if a non-invasive eye test, looking at the nerves in the eye, could be used to diagnose diabetic neuropathy.

Categories: Treat, Complications