Why are some people more susceptible to complications? – COMPLETED

Helen Colhoun
Helen Colhoun

Scientific title: Extreme phenotypes relevant to diabetic complications in type 1 diabetes
Principal Investigator: 
Professor Helen Colhoun
Institution: University of Dundee
Project duration: 01/03/2013 – 29/02/2016

Objective: People with type 1 are usually at greater risk of developing complications (such as sight loss, kidney damage and heart disease) than the general population. In most cases, this is linked to prolonged high glucose levels, but some people with type 1 are more susceptible to complications than others, regardless of their glucose levels.

Professor Colhoun is looking for a marker in the blood of these people at high risk of complications – something that sets them apart from those at low risk – so that in future, people who carry this increased risk could be identified early and treated to stop complications developing.

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