Glucose-responsive ‘smart’ insulin

John Fossey 2Scientific title: Glucose-Responsive Insulin Therapy (GRIT)
Principal Investigator: Professor John Fossey
Institution: University of Birmingham
Project duration: 01/12/2016 – 30/11/2018

Objective: Glucose responsive insulin is a type of injectable insulin that responds to glucose levels in the blood.

Prof Fossey’s laboratory based project involves creating balls of a special gel which contain pockets of insulin, and which dissolve in high concentrations of glucose. The long term goal is that these balls could be injected into the blood, and, a bit like a bath bomb in water, would break up in the presence of high glucose levels, releasing the pockets of insulin. The project is planned to last two years, after which, if successful, the work could move to pre-clinical – animal model – testing.

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