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Isolating pancreatic tissue for research

Scientific title: Human islets for basic research – Oxford JDRF Human Islet Resource Centre
Principal Investigator: Professor Paul Johnson
Institution: University of Oxford
Project duration: 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2020Photo of Professor Paul Johnson

Objective: Professor Johnson will continue with his programme of isolating pancreatic tissue from non-living donors for research.

Professor Johnson and his team established the UK Islet Research Network in 2009 with JDRF funding. The Network supplies good quality human pancreatic islets to the full range of different islet research groups working on type 1 diabetes in the UK, as well as to some JDRF groups in mainland Europe. The programme is therefore an essential resource for type 1 diabetes research.

Categories: treat, islets, research

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Description of Paul Johnson's project