Improving beta cell encapsulation: from micro to nano – COMPLETED

Peter Jones
Peter Jones

Scientific title: Islet encapsulation for transplantation: nano- versus micro-encapsulation
Principal Investigator: 
Professor Peter Jones
Institution: King’s College London
Project duration: 01/02/2013 – 31/01/2016

Objective: In type 1, the cells that produce insulin – the beta cells – are killed off by the immune system. Transplanting these cells back into a person with type 1 is possible, but anyone receiving a transplant must take life-long immunosuppressants to stop the cells being destroyed once more.

Professor Jones is developing a thin membrane that would protect these cells from the immune system, so they could be transplanted safely into a person with type 1, while allowing the cells access to nutrients and glucose so they can once again produce insulin in response to changing glucose levels.

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