Identifying the causes of type 1 diabetes and autoimmunity

Scientific title: JDRF/Wellcome Trust Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory
Principal Investigator: Professor John Todd
Institution: University of Oxford
Project duration: 01/10/2015 – 30/09/2020John Todd

Objective: This partnership with the Wellcome Trust funds the work of Professor John Todd and his team. This team have previously identified many genes that influence a person’s risk of developing type 1, and
have traced the effect these genes have on the body, to better understand their influence on type 1.

The aim of this study is to use this genetic understanding to develop new therapies to prevent and treat type 1 diabetes. By developing ways to counteract the effect of these influential genes, they hope to find ways to reduce the chances of developing type 1.

The team’s work has already led to one clinical trial, called DILT1D – you can find out more about it here. The JDRF/Wellcome Trust Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory website can provide further information on identifying and characterising the effects of the susceptibility genes for type 1 diabetes.

Categories: Cure, Prevent, Partnership, Immune Therapies