Generating long-lived immune system regulatory cells for research – COMPLETED

Els Henckaerts

Scientific title: Rejuvenating beta cell antigen-specific regulatory T-cells for adoptive therapy
Principal Investigator
: Dr Els Henckaerts
Institution: King’s College London
Project duration: 01/09/2013 – 31/08/2014

Objective: This project seeks to generate long-lived immune system regulatory cells (Treg cells). These cells keep the immune system in check and can prevent it from attacking the body’s beta cells. However, in order to be effective, these Treg cells must be specific to beta cells.

The team aims to take Treg cells that have previously been identified as effective at delaying the onset of type 1 diabetes, clone them and then increase their lifespan by transforming them into stem cells. These stem cells then grow into adult Treg cells, giving them a longer life than the original adult cells, but keeping the beta-cell protective properties of the original cells.

Categories: Prevent, Cure, Strategic Research Agreement, Immune Therapies