Finding ways to diagnose diabetic kidney disease more quickly

Scientific title:
Predictors of Early Stage Decline in Kidney Function in Type 1 Diabetes
Principal Investigator: Professor Helen Colhoun
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Project duration: 01/04/2016 – 30/09/2018

Objective: Professor Colhoun and her team aim to develop a set of indicators of disease, or biomarkers, to be used along with clinical data to find out who is most at risk of rapid progression of diabetic kidney disease.

The team will take advantage of new methods of measuring large numbers of potential biomarkers simultaneously, altogether exploring more than 500 biomarkers. They will measure these in relevant samples from large type 1 diabetes cohorts from Scotland and England.Helen Colhoun

Professor Colhoun and her team aim to produce useful information that will help accelerate the process of developing drugs to prevent and reverse kidney disease in type 1 diabetes.

Categories: Prevent, Complications, Treat