Exploring doctors’ attitudes towards new diabetes technology

Scientific title: Clinician attitudes to closed-loop technology: barriers and opportunities
Principal Investigator: Dr Conor Farrington
Institution: University of Cambridge
Project duration: 01/04/2017 – 31/03/2019

Dr Conor Farrington

Objective: Dr Conor Farrington will interview doctors in order to explore their attitudes towards new diabetes technology, and its use by patients.

The attitudes of doctors and healthcare professionals are a vital but neglected aspect of diabetes technology usage. Patient access to new diabetes technology in part depends on doctors’ attitudes, but currently little is known about their views or influence regarding new diabetes technology. This study will generate a detailed account of doctors’ attitudes towards new diabetes technology, including CGMs and artificial pancreas technology. The study will in particular explore doctors’ attitudes regarding the use of this diabetes technology in pregnant women and newly-diagnosed children.

Categories: Treat, Technology, Attitudes

Person holding insulin pump

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