Developing a new drug to treat diabetic macular oedema – COMPLETED

Robert Haigh
Robert Haigh

Scientific title: The development of intravitreal plasma kallikrein inhibitors for DME
Principal Investigator:
 Dr Robert Haigh
Institution: KalVista Pharmaceuticals
Project duration: 04/01/2012 – 31/08/2015

Objective: This project is being run in collaboration with the UK pharmaceutical company KalVista, to fund the first human trials for their new drug. The drug is designed to reduce the risk of diabetic macular oedema – an eye condition, caused by a build-up of fluid at the back of the eye, that can lead to visual impairment or blindness.

The drug targets a molecule, produced in the body, called plasma kallikrein. This is found in larger amounts in the eyes of people with diabetic macular oedema, and is thought to contribute to increased blood vessel leakage. Thus, reducing the amount produced could lead to less fluid building up in the eye.

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