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Comparing immune responses to natural and modified proteins

Type 1 diabetes researcher Professor Mark Peakman in a lab
Professor Mark Peakman, King’s College London

Scientific title: Comparison of neo- and natural epitope reactivity as it relates to Disease Stage, T cell recruitment and polarisation
Lay title: Comparison of immune cell responses towards natural and modified proteins
Principal investigator: Professor Mark Peakman
Institution: King’s College London
Length of award: 01/10/2017 – 30/09/2019

Objective: Professor Peakman will be analysing the differences in the immune cell responses to ‘natural’ proteins associated with type 1 diabetes and to chemically-modified versions of the same proteins. He will also investigate how the immune cell responses to these chemically-modified proteins change at different points in the progression of type 1 diabetes.

To do this, Professor Peakman will study blood samples of people newly diagnosed or at risk of developing type 1 to gain a better understanding of how certain immune cells respond to these chemically-modified proteins in comparison with the ‘natural’ proteins. Understanding this will help the development of tests and treatments to diagnose, stage and treat type 1 diabetes, based on the chemically-modified proteins.

Categories: Prevent, predict, diagnose, stage