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Bringing back the symptoms of hypos by better condition management

Scientific title: Beyond education: A Hypoglycaemia Awareness Restoration Program for people with type 1 diabetes and problematic hypoglycaemia persisting despite optimised self-care (HARPdoc)
Principal investigator: Professor Stephanie Amiel
Institution: King’s College London
Length of award: 01/01/2017 – 31/12/2020

Objective: Research has shown that many people with hypo unawareness have thoughts and beliefs about their hypoglycaemia that stop them benefitting from current treatments. Professor Amiel and her team have developed a new programme which will help them recognise and address these unhelpful thoughts or ‘thinking traps’ to bring back the symptoms that are needed.

In a pilot study, the team offered the programme to 24 people who had been unable to regain awareness of hypoglycaemia or stop severe hypoglycaemia occurring – a year later they were no longer having the severe hypoglycaemia they had experienced for years before.

Hypoglycaemia and fear of hypoglycaemia are considered major barriers to people with type 1 diabetes achieving and maintaining the good blood glucose control. If we can reduce hypoglycaemia risk, without deteriorating control, we increase the number of people who can benefit from better type 1 control in order to avoid future complications and the large amount of stress suffered by families.

Categories: Hypoglycaemia, Therapy, Control

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