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Understanding how type 1 diabetes develops in adults

Anna Long in a lab

Scientific title: Adult-onset type 1 diabetes: Slow Progressors or Late Starters?
Principle Investigator: Dr Anna Long
Institution: University of Bristol
Duration of award: October 2018 – September 2023

This project, which is jointly funded with Diabetes UK, aims to understand why adults develop type 1 diabetes later in life than expected.

Dr Anna Long will identify and collect information from people who develop islet autoantibodies at different points before diagnosis. Autoantibodies are proteins the immune system makes that mark out the beta cells for destruction.

She will examine two main groups: “Slow Progressors”, who are people who have had autoantibodies for many years, but develop the condition slower than expected; and “Late Starters”, who are adults who only develop autoantibodies in adolescence or adulthood. Dr Long will look at the autoantibodies in the blood and also determine immune cell function in these participants, to understand why they develop type 1 diabetes later than expected, and not as children.

Dr Long also aims to collaborate with other international studies to increase the data and samples available for analysis.

Click on the image below to download a PDF poster about Dr Long’s project:

Poster describing Anna Long's project

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