Research resources

We support resources worldwide that are relevant to scientists working in the area of type 1 diabetes and their research. These include:

This list will be updated periodically, but if you would like any resources to be included, contact us at

Patient and Public Involvement in Clinical Research

We can also help researchers recruit people with type 1 diabetes to take part in clinical research and we are one of the ten charity partners for the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.

JDRF Reference Documents

JDRF’s current research strategy and priority areas can be found on the JDRF Grant Center website.

JDRF is driving to increase the amount of high quality type 1 diabetes research funded in the UK, and increase Government focus on type 1 diabetes. As part of these efforts, JDRF embarked on a project to draw a picture of all the type 1 diabetes research that was going on in the UK in 2013. This project allowed us to understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in UK research and identified the barriers to research progress. The result was our Type 1 Diabetes Research Roadmap, which you can read below, or download here.