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Find out what drives our researchers to undertake groundbreaking research to cure, treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes

Michael Christie – University of Lincoln

The role of immune system B cells in type 1 diabetes

Conor Farrington

Conor Farrington – University of Cambridge

Understanding doctors’ attitudes towards diabetes tech and its use

Eoin McKinney – University of Cambridge

Understanding the early stages of type 1 diabetes

Photo of Dr Kerry McLaughlin

Kerry McLaughlin – University of Oxford

Understanding the role of a protein in type 1 diabetes onset

Stephanie Amiel – King’s College London

A talking therapy for better management of hypo unawareness

Professpr Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson – University of Oxford

Preparing islets for use in research

Helen Colhoun – University of Edinburgh

Studying large groups of people can teach us about type 1

Colin Dayan – Cardiff University

Immunotherapy could stop type 1 in its tracks

Reinhold Medina

Reinhold Medina – Queen’s University Belfast

Using stem cells to model and treat diabetic retinopathy

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