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The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance

The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance has entered into an agreement with JDRF to encourage high-quality type 1 diabetes research in Ireland and to support the global work of JDRF.

The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance is a subsidiary charity of Diabetes Ireland. The alliance primarily funds high-quality diabetes research projects in Ireland and raises the necessary funds to support these projects.

Together with JDRF, the Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance aims to:

• Encourage high-quality type 1 diabetes research in Ireland
• Promote Ireland as a JDRF base for international lead research into finding a cure for diabetes
• Support JDRF’s D-GAP (see below) research project
• Raise the profile of both organisations in the Republic of Ireland
• Build a sustainable relationship with Irish-based scientists and researchers
• Raise funds for type 1 diabetes research in Ireland and the UK.

What is D-GAP?

As part of Diabetes Ireland’s commitment to supporting research into type 1 diabetes it will support JDRF’s research project Diabetes-Genes Autoimmunity and Prevention (D-GAP). Research funded by JDRF has already shown that the genetic profile of an individual determines whether or not they run the risk of developing type 1 diabetes. It also reveals that the genes identified operate within the immune system. These findings link closely to other research showing that people with, or at risk of developing type 1 diabetes, have alterations in the way that the immune system interacts with insulin-producing cells. This makes it highly likely that type 1 diabetes results from a failure at numerous levels of the ability to fine tune certain aspects of the immune response. The next stage in type 1 diabetes research is to make the link between the genes and the immune alterations, and that is what it is believed D-GAP will be able to do.

This exciting piece of research brings together researchers from Cambridge, Bristol and London who aim to understand how and why type 1 diabetes occurs by unraveling the connection between genes, the immune response and type 1 diabetes. If a link can be established, it will greatly improve the understanding of how type 1 diabetes develops and pave the way for developments in treatments and therapies.

Meanwhile, Diabetes Ireland in conjunction with the Health Research Board is funding two type 2 diabetes research projects at a combined cost of €430,000. One is the research being carried out by Dr Sean Dineen in the West – the Galway Diabetic Foot Study; and the other is the research into type 2 diabetes and bariatric surgery, by Dr Donal O’Shea, which has just finished its field work.

Make a direct contribution

To make a direct contribution to any of these research projects, simply ring 1850 909 909 or send a donation by post to Dr Anna Clarke, Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance, 19 Northwood House, Northwood Business Campus. If you would like to organise a fundraising event for type 1 or type 2 diabetes research, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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