Wales says yes to flash glucose monitoring – is your local NHS providing it yet for type 1 diabetes?

Posted on 23 February 2018

Flash glucose monitor on arm with reader showing measurement

At least 53 local NHS authorities across the UK have now said “yes” to prescribing flash glucose monitoring to people with type 1 diabetes – including all local health authorities in Wales.

But three areas have refused and around 150 have yet to decide a policy. The three to have given initial refusal are Dorset, Worcester and Hereford.

In November 2017 the Freestyle Libre, a flash glucose monitoring device, was made available on the NHS Drugs Tariff. This means that in principle it is available to people with diabetes on NHS prescription.  However, it is up to local decision makers (called Clinical Commissioning Groups, or CCGs) to develop policies regarding who can access the technology and under what criteria.

The charities JDRF, Diabetes UK and INPUT are working together until all those who would benefit and like to use flash glucose monitoring can easily and simply access it on the NHS. The organisations have collaborated on an interactive map which identifies which UK health authorities are prescribing it.

The interactive map will continue to be updated as CCGs review their policies. Find out which areas have access to the Freestyle Libre on the NHS via the map here.

Know your rights surrounding access to flash glucose technology through the Support Pack here.

Sitting girl checks glucose levels by flashing device over FreeStyle Libre

Read our statement on access to flash glucose monitoring

Our statement
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