JDRFNews“Train healthcare professionals on type 1 diabetes tech” – new NHS report

“Train healthcare professionals on type 1 diabetes tech” – new NHS report

Posted on 13 November 2020

A GP speaks to a patient

An NHS England diabetes report has called for increased provision of type 1 diabetes technology – and training for healthcare professionals to provide it. 

The Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) diabetes report, led by Professors Gerry Rayman and Partha Kar, uses data analysis to make recommendations for vital improvements in key areas of diabetes care. Its recommendations could have a UK-wide impact, beyond care in England. 

JDRF was involved in providing feedback to the initial draft of the report, which is published today.

It focuses on areas including type 1 diabetes, inpatient care, diabetic footcare, data and procurement. 

Rachael Chrisp, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at JDRF, said: “JDRF is particularly pleased to see recommendations around increased uptake of type 1 diabetes technology and the training to go alongside it; and a call for all trusts to have a system such as Diasend that allows blood glucose data to be downloaded and presented in a meaningful way.”  

She added: “Also recommended is for each department to have the provision to offer virtual clinics, supported by IT departments. JDRF will shortly be publishing its position statement on virtual clinics for people with type 1 diabetes.”

The recommendations around access to type 1 technology and training chime with JDRF’s recommendations in its Pathway to Choice Report.

The report highlights the need for greater access to medical technology. 

Rachael Chrisp added: “Just 30% of people with type 1 diabetes reach their recommended blood glucose targets, so we’re pleased to see these vital recommendations made, and look forward to working with the NHS to see them being implemented.”

The full Diabetes: GIRFT Programme National Specialty Report can be found here.